Prayer Requests

Please Pray For: 

Illness (I), Encouragement (E), Unspoken (U), Death (D), (P), Other (O)


Short-Term Prayer Request (1-2 Weeks)

  • Pastor Phill Thomas (Cancer)
  • Elsie Miracle (I)
  • John Board Family (D) – Mary Kibble’s brother
  • Mike Wilson (Hip Surgery)
  • Daniel Mollohan (B/P Issues)
  • Elizabeth Lawrence (I)
  • Greta Davis (I)

Long-Term Prayer Requests (6 Weeks)

  • Unspoken
  • Pastor Chris and Greta (E)
  • Nursing Home Residents and Staff (I/E)
  • Our Country and Leaders (E)
  • Our Church (E)
  • Military – Skylar Hatfield, Timothy Michael, Collin Jarvis, and Brady Clem (E)
  • Robin Null (I)
  • Donna Fore (I)
  • Carl Bennett (I) – Amy Hill’s Father
  • Oscar Estep (P)
  • Terry Priest (Cancer in Remission) (P)
  • Don Dye (Cancer)
  • Cooper Shirk
  • Jim Bernard (I)
  • Kim Spencer (Cancer)
  • Linda Ruble (I)
  • Ivan (Home(E)) – Reba Luning’s grandson
  • Dalton Lane